In order to activate Voxist, you need to setup up a ‘call forward’ with your operator – in other words, you need to ask your operator to send your unanswered calls to our voicemail phone number instead of theirs.

Go to the “My Account” tab in the app, and tap on “Activate/Deactivate Voxist”. Then choose Activate Voxist. Choose your carrier from the carrier list, and proceed with the activation instructions

Some operators don’t use standard codes, or have bugs in their networks for certain subscribers. In case you get an error message, please email us at support@voxist.com with the name of your carrier. Alternatively, you can also
reach us by tapping on “Contact Support” in the “My Account” tab found in the Voxist app and we will do our best to help get you up and running with your Voxist application.

Voxist is available on iOS & Android

Download now our Mobile Application

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