Voxist allows you to create customized greetings for any of your callers or groups of callers. Create professional greetings for work, and/or delight friends and family with greetings you make just for them.

Enter the “Greetings” tab in the application, and tap on “Create a personal greeting”. Here you will see the option to Record or Write your greeting. Once you’ve recorded or written a greeting, then click on “Select and save contacts” to chose your contacts that will get this greeting. Enter a name for that particular greeting (i.e. Professional, My Love, Best Friends), and choose the callers whom you’d like to receive that greeting. “Save” and you’re good to go!

Don’t forget you can turn the personalized greetings on/off by using the toggle switch. To delete a personalized greeting, tap on the greeting and click “Delete this greeting.”

Voxist is available on iOS & Android

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