Deactivation of the service requires you to stop the ‘call forward’ to our server and set it up to your operator voicemail – in other words, you need to ask your operator to send your unanswered calls to their voicemail phone number instead of ours. This should be done BEFORE uninstalling the app.

Go to the “My Account” tab in the app, and tap on “Activate/Deactivate Voxist”. Then choose Deactivate Voxist, and proceed with the deactivation instructions. Once deactivation is completed you will see a message from your operator letting you know that deactivation was successful.

If you uninstalled the app without properly deactivating the service, we will continue to receive your voicemail. Please see “How do I deactivate Voxist if I already uninstalled the app?”

Some carriers don’t use standard codes, or have bugs in their networks with some subscribers. In case you get an error message after deactivation, please you contact us by tapping on “Contact Support” in the “My Account” tab found in the Voxist app or email us at support@ Send us the name of your carrier and we will do our best to help you revert back to your carrier’s voicemail.

Voxist is available on iOS & Android

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