Smart & Personalized Voicemail


See your voicemail messages on one screen. Works on Android or iOS phones, with any operator.


In a meeting? Find important messages quickly by reading them with our voice to text transcription.


Customize greetings for all your different callers – clients, friends, family, whomever you choose.


Phone not available? No problem. Receive your voicemail messages as well as their transcriptions by email.

Identify Important Messages

Get all your voicemail on one screen and, in one click, listen to that important one.

Save Time

Be efficient - read your message content instead of listening to it all and save loads of time.

Don’t Miss Out

Never miss a message. Voicemail messages go directly to email so you can access them anytime and even share with others.

Impress Your Friends and Clients

Surprise your callers with personalized greetings. Delight a friend with a funny greeting or let your clients know when you’ll be back in town.

Tell Us What You Think

Voxist is designed for you. Give us feedback and ideas so we can continue to make a voicemail app that’s useful and fun for you.

First testimonial

Martin D.

“As a real estate agent I am with customers most of the day and clients keep leaving me voicemails about urgent matters. Thanks to Voxist transcriptions, I can stay on top of things without waiting for a good time to listen to my voicemails.”

Second testimonial

Marion R.

“Once I missed a job opportunity because I mistakenly erased a voicemail, if I had Voxist, I could still have the text and even an email with their contact information!”

Third testimonial

Dean C.

“My operator here in the UK doesn't provide Apple's visual voicemail, thanks to Voxist I can not only benefit from basic visual voicemail but I also have personalized greeting for my friends.”

Voxist is available on iOS & Android

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